Three vCORE Colleagues Earn ‘Women of the Channel’ Honors for 2021

The CRN award recognizes accomplished, influential women for their dedication, hard work and leadership within the IT industry.

Scottsdale, Ariz. – May 13, 2021 – Three outstanding women at vCORE have earned CRN’s 2021 Women of the Channel award in recognition of their dedicated leadership, accomplishments and positive influence in driving sustained success for vCORE and its clients, the company recently announced.

The honorees included:

  • Rushina Dalal, Manager, Modern Infrastructure Technical Delivery
  • Carol Kieffer, Manager, Project Management Organization
  • Shae Frazier, Director, Workplace Experience

“Each of these dynamic leaders has made significant, lasting contributions to the company, and we’re so much better for it,” vCORE Founder/CEO Steve Leavitt said. “They lead by example, and they elevate those around them. We’re lucky to have them on the vCORE team.”

Here’s a closer look at how each award recipient has brought success to vCORE and its clients:

Rushina Dalal

In her role as technical delivery manager within vCORE’s Modern Infrastructure group, Dalal led a high-performing team of professional service engineers with expertise across core data center solutions in converged/hyperconverged infrastructure, data protection, storage, compute, and more.

Most recently Dalal has transitioned into a new role as business development manager, where she’ll continue to utilize her critical thinking and communication skills to help clients find success.

In her own words: “When I started working in Corporate America, I was told to keep my work life separate from my home life. I did that for a while, but felt like a robot going through my day. I am fortunate to now work in an environment where it is encouraged to bring the two worlds together. My co-workers have become my friends and family. It’s important to be surrounded by people that not only value you professionally, but also want you to succeed and find happiness outside of work.”

Carol Kieffer

Carol Kieffer has led vCORE’s Project Management Organization for the last two years, during which her team has produced eye-popping results in customer satisfaction at the close of each project. After posting a well-above-average Net Promoter Score of 69 in 2018, that figure jumped to 87 in 2019 and 91 in 2020.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) represents the share of promoters vs. detractors among a company’s client base, with scores ranging from a 100 maximum to -100 minimum. The technology industry average, according to Satmetrix, is 39.

In 2020, the vCORE PMO team managed over 220 projects while focusing on standardizing processes and procedures. During that period, five of the team’s project managers achieved scrum certifications, while four others renewed their PMP certifications.

In her own words: “I often mix business with pleasure. To me it has never really been a ‘rule’ though. My workmates become friends, and some are just like family. When you are with people 40+ hours a week, it is hard for me not to feel that bond and a sense of closeness to them.”

Shae Frazier

Shae Frazier joined vCORE in 2019 to lead the HR team as director of workplace experience, and has quickly made a tremendous impact on the organization.

Her focus on workplace experience has resulted in the rollout of a new, revamped employee onboarding experience (now paperless), two internal committees tasked with driving meaningful change and representing colleagues’ voices, and in-depth employee surveys that help to preserve the best pillars of vCORE’s culture while constantly seeking ways to improve.

In her own words: “My favorite way to de-stress is to take it out on the soccer field in one of my two co-ed soccer leagues. I also take a weekly hike with my best friend, where we spend our time discussing what’s new in our career and bouncing ideas of each other related to culture and employee engagement. It’s always fun getting another perspective, especially while hiking with a view!”

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