Cloud, Software and Nerdy Rock Stars: Michael Dell Strikes the Right Chords at ‘Dell Tech World’

From software-defined data centers to Internet of Things and nerdy rock stars, here’s our take on Michael Dell’s keynote at his company’s annual conference in Las Vegas.

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Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell took center stage for the company’s massive conference in Las Vegas last week, which was historic in its scale and scope, combining all of Dell’s seven brands for the first time. From Dell EMC to VMware to Virtustream, the company flexed its tech muscle and outlined its vision for the future in front of more than 10,000 IT leaders, analysts and others.

IT news source CRN compiled what they considered to be five of Michael Dell’s boldest statements during a keynote that touched on many of the industry’s hot-button issues, including cloud, software-defined infrastructure, Internet of Things and more.

Here’s a look at each of those statements, combined with our own thoughts on each of the issues.

Michael Dell: For me, this moment is 34 years in the making, and my hope is that we come together to share more than technology and expertise and products — we’ll have plenty of those — but we share a vision. A vision of a future that is better than today. A vision of technology as the driver of human progress. I’d like the Dell Technologies World to be a platform for the possible. A showcase of the ways — big and small — that you’re using technology to change the world.

Our take: Technology is indeed changing the world; that’s plain to see. But the vast IT resources behind this rapid transformation are more difficult more the general public to comprehend. It’s hard to sum up in a sentence or two, which can make it challenging for IT leaders to explain to friends and families what exactly it is that we do.

In practice, information technology provides the means to accomplish many world-changing outcomes that are more easily understood. The solutions and services offered by vCORE, for example, are helping our clients build rockets for space exploration, improve cancer treatment, enhance traffic safety and produce blockbuster movies that unite millions in a common interest. Digital transformation is indeed unlocking new possibilities and driving human progress. IT is a major player in that progress.

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Event Recap

Video recap of the mega-event from Dell Technologies: